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Lady in the Wilderness – Recommendations on How to Camp by Yourself.

A camping event is an important way of exploration and memory building. Most importantly when you are alone. By being alone you will manage to free your mind.

For females, though, this is regarded not conducive. This is for the reason that a woman is considered not strong enough to be in the wilderness alone. People will prefer you get a man to offer protection. Nonetheless, people are still finding solo camping to be a novelty, especially when you’ll be in a hotel. Solo adventure in the wilderness will always face disapproval by many. And whats more, is that most of these arguments are not logic. Such as, men are well stationed to deal with a bear, and this is untrue. Nonetheless, not all of the arguments are to be ignored. And here a number of them.

First, you won’t be protected, First forget about the bear story. You will still need to be sensitive about your security. It is a fact that in a hotel you will be much protected as compared to being in the wilderness alone. This is because you may leave your details at the hotel and will always be in towns and cities. Whereas, when you are alone in the wilderness, this may not be the case. Some of the risks will include opportunists or even wild animals that may affect you. For this reason, it is important to keep in touch with your family at all times and update them on your progress. Take precaution and camp near houses, plus get to befriend the locals for your safety.

Then again, It will be difficult to manage to carry everything by yourself. This is something that you will get to hear when planning your camping event. Though, this has nothing to do with physical strength, it is important to note that carrying all the camping gear may require more than one individual, regardless of being male or female. And you will note that, dealing with this, some people will avoid carrying other equipment ending up jeopardizing their safety and fun during the camping activity. It is then advisable that you pick the lightweight gear other than not carrying at all. For instance, you may buy a one-person fold-able tent that will not be overwhelming to carry. Similarly, something like a portable gazebo could be a light and viable option. The important thing is to weigh everything before setting out for the camp.

You will also be told that you will get lost in the wilderness at night. This is because at night it is not possible to keep track of the map. This is even dangerous when it is cold. To ensure you are safe, ensure that you rest and night and rise with the sun. this way, you will be sure to remain safe.

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